Wednesday, January 12, 2005

Metasploit Framework new Release!

I tried the new Metasploit Framework 2.3, it has 12 new exploits, new and improved payloads, improved performance, new msfweb interface and the best of all the Meterpreter (Meta-Interpreter) a new advanced payload, allows developers to write their own extensions in the form of shared object (DLL) files, that can be uploaded and injected into a running process on a target computer after exploitation has ocurred. So it never touch the disk!

It has 4 extensions now:

FS (cd, getcwd, ls, upload, download)

Net (Ipconfig, portfwd, route)

Process (kill, ps, execute)

Sys (sysinfo, getuid, rev2self)

It's a big step for the metasploit project, and it's really sweet ;)

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