Sunday, January 7, 2007

Ngsec - Game #3 - Brainstorming

Well another Web application hacking game from Ngsec, this time there were 5 levels. The difficulty was very hard at the 2 first levels, and very very easy in the last 3. The order of the levels should have been inverse :) . But with some patience and Mandingo's tips, i finished in 9 hours aprox (not in a row).

It's was good game to kill some time and program a little.

Try it and became a g00r00 ;)

Game #3

Some tips:
Level 1 - I become blind.
Level 2 - Timing, it's all about timing.
Level 3 - Too easy, no tips.
Level 4 - With the tips and clues in the game, plus some tampering should be enough.
Level 5 - Very easy, just google.

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