Wednesday, December 19, 2007

Backtrack 3.0

Hi, the new Backtrack 3.0 Beta is out there, the new version includes some of my tools, im very happy :P

Right now the tools included are Metagoofil , Subdomainer, TheHarvester (goog mails)

The new version claims to have these improvements:

* We will be releasing a ~ 1 GB USB / DVD image, as well as a stripped down 700 MB iso.
* Dual core issues have been fixed.
* Wireless card compatibility has maximised, and injection patches applied wherever possible.
* Xorg configuration scripts have been improved.
* Updated exploit repositories, updated metasploit exploit framework and dependencies.
* PXE network boot feature finally added (USB Version)
* PwnSauce Instant John the Ripper Cluster feature finally added (USB version)
* Compiz with ATI/Intel Drivers (USB version)
* Linux bt 2 6 21 5 #2 SMP


And more security tools, that is what we want!!


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