Tuesday, April 15, 2008

SQLZoo - Your one stop for SQL

How many times you were facing a SQL Injection and you have doubts or didn't remember how a query was made for a specific database? Or sometimes you don't want to start Vmware machine just to try a query, so you start googling for an answer. But there is a great website for this kind of needs called SQLzoo, here you can find a lot of examples for every type of query for the different database engines, and the best is that you can execute the queries and check if they are correct.

Another great resource is the reference section where you can find information on how to obtain Metadata and how to run queries about Functions, Selects and Users for all the different database engines.

Also there is SQL Injection area, where you can try some injections against a vulnerable system.

There are many more interesting things related to SQL in the site, check it here SQLzoo


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