Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Metagoofil 1.4 - Metadata exposed

Hi this time i will post a brief entry about the new version of Metagoofil released some
 days ago.

In this version (1.4) i added a new feature that will extract the MAC address from 
the office documents, yes you read right :)  the MAC ADDRESS. 

We can find this information inside the documents in a string like this:

_PID_ GUID ... {F96EB3B9-C9F1-11D2-95EB-0060089BB2DA}

The last 12 hex digits are your MAC!

So here we have another piece of information that can be used to track an user, and most of them 
don't know it's existence :(

The next version of Metagoofil it will possibly  map the MAC address to the vendor 
name, so we can have more information about a target company.
Download here: MetaGooFil

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