Tuesday, December 9, 2008

Oracle Forensics

Hi, this time i will post a brief entry about Oracle Forensics, when we talk about Oracle Forensics we are talking about David Litchfield, he researched and developed tools for analyzing Oracle from the forensic point of view.

Next Thursday he will participate in a Black Hat Webinar, where he specifically will talk about  Orablock:

"The tool, orablock, allows a forensic investigator to dump data from a "cold" Oracle data file - i.e. there's no need to load up the data file in the database which would cause the data file to be modified, so using orablock preserves the evidence. "

You can register here.

Also he will publish a book about Oracle Forensics very soon, you can pre order it at amazon, the book is called "Oracle Forensics Using Quisix"

And if you want to check all his presentations and papers about the issue you can  go here.

There are few persons working in this field, and besides Litchfield we can refer to Paul M. Wright, author of the first Oracle Forensic Book, you can check his blog here.


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