Saturday, April 11, 2009

From Oracle to the OS with Metasploit

I'm back from my vacations, and it's time write some new posts

I read an interesting article on how to obtain a shell through Oracle Database, this article was written by Alexandr Polyakov from, they have more interesting things about Oracle penetration testing on their website.

The article explains how to obtain an OS shell, via Pass the hash technique inside Oracle, using only an account with the CONNECT and RESOURCE privileges. The idea is to read a file over the network via SMB (ctxsys.context) and connect to a fake SMB server to steal the NTLM challenge-response.

The author explains the creation of a Metasploit plugin (ora_ntlm_stealer) to automate the process, so you can get it by updating your svn copy.

Here is the paper with the complete information



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