Friday, May 8, 2009

Pangolin and your data

This will be a brief entry about a dubious behavior of Pangolin (SQL Injection Tool). Today we were checking some of the features of Pangolin, and i had special interest on the ORACLE UTL_HTPP injection, i checked the options and there wasn't a configuration for the local HTTP server, so i was wondering how the hell they got the results back.

So i started Pangolin against a test server, and there wasn't any open port in my machine, next step my coworker Javi, launched the attack and sniffed the traffic, all the injection was urlencoded+Oracle (char) encoding, after decoding we found that the results of the injection is sent to a web server, and then Pangolin perform a GET to retrieve the data. WTH?

At least let the user know what are you doing with the data, i don't think this will make penetration testers happy, knowing that they customers data is traveling via a third party server.

Be careful where you send your data ;)


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