Friday, May 14, 2010

Massive Web Application discovery with Wfuzz

Last week i had to review like 40 websites for a penetration test in a short period of time, so the first thing i wanted was to search for directories or files in the web servers, so how can i automate the full scan with Wfuzz? We can use a command like this:

$ wfuzz -c -z file -f urllist.txt,dictionary.txt --html --hc 404 http://FUZZ/FUZ2Z 2> results.html

The first FUZZ will be replaced with the content of urllist.txt, where you should have the websites address in the format "", and the second FUZ2Z will be replaced with the dictionary, in my case i used the big.txt.

Soon i will release an update of Webslayer, and will show how to do this with it.



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