Monday, February 16, 2009

Fast-Track - Automated penetration testing suite

Fast-track is
"a compilation of custom developed tools that allow penetration testers the ease of advanced penetration techniques in a relatively easy manner"

Fast-Track has tools for MSSQL server, SQL Injection, Metasploit Autopwn Automation, Mass Client Side attacks, exploits and a Payload generator.

The idea is to provide easy and fast to use tools, that will usually take you many steps, or some minor coding on existing tools. I liked the integration with Metasploit payloads.

It's like executing scripts and tools combos :)

You can check a video of the SQLPwnage module in action:

Fast-Track SQLPwnage from David Kennedy on Vimeo

Presentation of Fast-Track at ShmooCon 2009, here
Download here



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