Wednesday, February 25, 2009

FIST Conference Barcelona March 2009

Next March 6th we are throwing a new edition of the FIST Conference here in Barcelona, so if you want to check the program, you can go here

I will give a talk about "A fresh new look into information gathering", where i intend to present the new beta version of the Metagoofil, and some new sources for Information Gathering.

Vicente Díaz will continue the talk he gave at the last FIST Conference with new information and facts about cyber crime and the business behind it (or in front of it), very interesting and entertaining talk.

The location has changed, and this edition will be inside the FiberParty 2009 event.

After the conference we flight to USA, first NY and then we head to BOSTON, to attend SOURCE Conference.

Please join us at FIST Conference :)


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