Thursday, January 22, 2009

Information Gathering II :

Well after writing about Informationg Gathering and Spokeo, now it's the turn of as you can tell from the name is oriented to search information about individuals.

The application doesn't need a registration, this is good, and the search parameters that you can use is the Name, Last Name, City and Country, but also they  recently added the reverse lookup, where you can use an email address, nickname or phone number!

As usual i started searching for myself, and Pipl shielded more results than Spokeo. In the results we can find online profiles (Facebook, Myspace, etc), photo albums, Youtube accounts, Amazon accounts, blog posts, documents, pictures (with thumbnails) and many other kind of results.

Really is an interesting tool, and is improving over the time.

About the differences between Spokeo and Pipl, is that Spokeo aim to be more of a tracking tool of what is your "friends" doing, than  a one shot search and investigation. Also Spokeo just allow you to do 1 free check, and if you want more you must pay.

Finally one thing that i would like to see in these tools is an API to automate the search, and stop worrying about the changes in the results and the performance of my parsers.

Stay tuned because there are two new contenders in the arena of people search that i am testing this week.
Enjoy your investigations ;)


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