Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Information Gathering III: Yasni and 123people

After the posts about Information Gathering about individuals using Spokeo and Pipl, now it's the turn of Yasni and 123People.

has an standard search page, where you have to put the name of the person you want to search information about. The result page is organized in "All, Personal, Business, News, Other Web pages and Comments", and the quantity and quality of the results is very good.

An interesting feature of Yasni is the Tag cloud about your target, in some cases is useful to check if it is really your target (assuming you know something about him/her).

Yasni also offers an "Agent search", which they say it will perform an exhaustive deep web search, and will return the results in 24 hours. I'm waiting for the firsts examples to arrive :)

The last people search engine i will review in this miniseries is "123people", one of the most used service on the net, and personally one of the best in the results organization. 

123 people results are organized in "web links, Amazon, Phone Numbers, Videos, News, Microblogs, Pictures, Blogs and Documents, and Social network profiles", 123people also has a Tag cloud like Yasni. 

123People has an email alert service, for receiving updates about your targets.

Right now we can say that the results are very similar between  the different services and we have to wait to see which will reign the people search engine terrain.

I have my preferences with 123people and Pipl,  but i recommend to use as much as possible when  performing an information gathering about a target.  All this services are oriented to the web and the social networks, there are other kind of services that will provide more information but they aren't free and the information is only available for certain countries, i will write a post about this services soon.

What's is your choice? 


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