Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Tight Budget, conferences and training

Here is an interesting old article from August Blegen, about "Why attend conferences when facing tight budgets" aka recession times, crisis or whatever you like to call the times we are facing. The article perform an analysis on why is important to attend conferences (and professional education) during hard times. I liked this part of the article:

Recession is not a time to pull the cover over and crawl in. It's a time to work harder, work smarter and improve your own development just to maintain your competitiveness.

So if you are very tight on budget here in Barcelona  or Madrid we organize the FIST Conference a free security conference, where you can learn new things and meet new people.

And i recommend to start saving to assist to the SOURCE conference that will take place on Barcelona on September! This will be an awesome event
You can read the whole article here

How are you gonna face the training/education this year?


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